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A perfect blend of turbulent history, creativity, technology, and rich culture, Berlin is surely a place of dreams. But spending just two days is certainly not enough to explore the city out and out. And you’ll be glad to know that this “Quite Impossible” task can be completed giving you an incredible experience and moments to cherish for a lifetime. Of course, you’ll not be able to see absolutely everything, but these 2 days spent amongst the beauty of Berlin will make you plan for your next big trip soon.

This article of will tell you how you can make the most of your weekend plans for Berlin. And before you get into the detailed thing, have a cursory look at the table of content, so you have an idea of what we are going to discuss or you just jump to the section you found interested.

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Where to stay in Berlin

First things first, and the one thing everyone wants to know when traveling to a new place: where to stay?

Berlin is vibrant, fun-loving, and exciting, but you’ll want to choose the right area to stay in. 

Which area should you choose?

  • Friedrichshain – if you’re traveling on a budget
  • Mitte – when you’re traveling for the first time and want to be in the center of it all
  • Kreuzberg – if you’re in Berlin for the nightlife
  • Charlottenburg – when you’re looking for a family-friendly neighborhood

That being said, here are the top choices depending on your budget: 

  • Luxury: Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin – a beautiful, comfortable, modern hotel, perfectly located to make the best out of the visit to Berlin;

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  • Mid-range: Motel One Alexanderplatz – small and chic rooms, perfectly located. Guests staying here were impressed by the great service and the hotel’s beautiful design. 

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Day 1 of your 2 days in Berlin

Hey! Good Morning.

So, this is your first day in Berlin and you have your first 24 hours out of 48 and you want to capture the best of Berlin, right? After all, you’ve spent your hard-earned money on this.

Don’t worry, just go through the list and we will make it worth for you. But before you start this wonderful sightseeing day, try to have plenty of time to visit the bakeries and cafes as well, because the city serves some great and tempting dishes out there.

Brandenburg Gate

two days in Berlin

Starting with the first stop of the first day, Brandenburg Gate is a place that will help you learn a lot about Berlin’s history.

The beautiful gate is one of the prime reasons that attracts most of the visitors. Earlier, people would climb the observation platform and get a beautiful glimpse beyond the Iron Curtain into East Berlin.

But now this mind-blowing place signifies the feeling of “Unity and Hope” instead of the forced separation among people. All in all, the Brandenburg Gate is the best way to give a kickass start to your first day.

Moreover, if you’re visiting during the fall, come here once the sun has set in order to admire the Festival of Light: taking place each year in October, light installations decorate the major landmarks in Berlin at night. 

Try going on a Sights and Highlights biking tour, or a walking tourThat’s always the best way to experience a city to the fullest and learn about its history. 

Reichstag Dome

Are you ready to visit your next stop?

This place is home to the German parliament (Bundestag) and yet another important historical landmark that you must not forget visiting.

During World War II, this original dome was damaged, and it’s the beautiful glass dome that you can see today. You cannot just visit the dome, but also have a great lunch at the restaurant at top of the dome. Also, witness the amazing panoramic views of the city.

Remember, you need to register yourself before visiting the dome, after all, you’re going to pay a visit to a government site, so checking is a must.

And you need to do the registration at least a month before or even before if possible. You can either visit this  or just sign up for a guided tour and they’ll take care of the arrangements.

Holocaust Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

You cannot leave the city without paying a visit to this place and knowing what happened in Europe at the time of World War II.

A few minutes from the Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Memorial is where around 6 millions of Jewish Victims of the Nazi Holocaust are commemorated.

The place can let you go into self-introspection when you roam around the blocks, thinking what do they mean and represent. It might seem to be a mournful place, but an important site to visit.

When you want to learn more about the Jewish community, the Holocaust, and much more, don’t miss out on taking this 4-hour walking tour packed with information. 

The Tiergarten

Here comes Berlin’s most famous park situated just behind the Brandenburg Gate.

This huge and beautiful park consists of Berlin Zoo with a number of different species (perfect for when you’re visiting Europe with kids), the Victory Column, and Berlin’s one of the best beer gardens.

You can easily rent a bike to roam around the park and appreciate its beauty, there are many bike lanes out there. Visit the place on warmer days and you can spend some quality time with your family or friends, maybe you can call out for a picnic.

And since there are no laws on drinking in public, you can easily bring your own beer bottles to spend a nice evening.

Also, if there, do visit Café am Neun See, a nice beer garden, with great views and atmosphere. Get a traditional German beer with an exotic authentic German dish for a better experience. Remember, the garden remains open in late spring and closes in autumn.

Museum Island

2 days in Berlin

The name itself makes it evident that you’re going to explore various museums with various specialties and this Museum Island can be the best site to visit at noon.

To save your precious time and for some recommendations, do check which museum offers what, so you can book the tickets in advance and avoid the hassle of standing in a long queue.

Pergamon Museum: One of the coolest museums, this place will let you learn and appreciate the reconstruction of the Gate of Ishtar, original 7 wonders of the world, and part of the Babylonian Empire.

Bode Museum: This is where you can see a huge collection of sculptures right from the medieval period to the 18th century.

Alte Nationalgalerie: This is the place where you see the iconic artwork of famous artists including Monet, Renoir, Manet, and Friedrich. The museum is all about romanticism, impressionist, neo-classical, and early modernist art.

Neues Museum: This museum comprises of selected pieces from the Egyptian Museum and the Papyrus Collection. And when there, you cannot miss the bust of Queen Nefertiti.

Altes Museum: Here you can learn and love the art and sculpture from the Roman Empire and ancient Greece.

So, now when you have a brief of these amazing museums, selecting one that interests you the most would be a breeze.

Or when you want to see more, the Museum Pass Berlin will help you save money!

Plan to use public transportation and see museums? Save with the Berlin Welcome Card! Free public transportation for 72 hours and free entrance to all museums in the Museum Island. 


One of the prettiest places you’ll visit in Berlin has to be Alexanderplatz, which is the site of the TV tower and the 2nd tallest structure in the European Union.

Let yourself soak up in the eye-catching panoramic views of the buildings all around.

You’ll also get to see the Fountain of Friendship, World Clock, and a lot of shopping.

Make the best out of your stop and skip the lines with a priority ticket to the Berlin Tower, topped with a window seat restaurant ticket. 

Day 2 of your Berlin 2 day itinerary

Explore the Best of the Neighborhood in Berlin

Start your day from Neukölln, full of some great vintage stores, alleyways covered with graffiti, and some pleasantly old-fashioned cafes where you can spend some quality time with the loved ones. 

Take a neighborhood tour and go on a journey through time from the Middle Ages to the present times. 

Next, you can make to the Pequod Books, a shop for second-hand books that are written in 25 beautiful languages. The best part about the bookshop is its owner who only keeps the books for a sale that he likes, so you can always have a trust or faith that you’re getting the right gem.

BLUB Spassbad can be your most loved spot, which is a closed swimming pool and is all covered with outstanding graffiti. This place is also used for photoshoots and some great underground parties.

 You’ll adore this place called Weserstraße if you have a soft corner for vintage shops. You can even visit the small local boutiques out there. In case, you’re visiting the vicinity during evening time, hop into the bar that consists of vintage furniture, great lighting for the perfect mood, and the cozy sofas.

Eastside Gallery

Check out this one of the nicest places in Berlin that will also help you get some lit Instagrammable pictures. It is situated in the Mühlenstraße in the Berlin Friedrichshain district. You’ll be amazed to know that this place is the world’s longest (1.3km long) open-air gallery, painted and made by 112 skillful artists from 21 countries, sounds amazing, right?

Also, see the artwork carefully because each picture either narrates a story and gives a message.

A Recommendation: You can visit the café called Veganz Berlin-Friedrichshain, just right next to the gallery, which is a great place for those who love vegan food or want to grab a quick cup of coffee and cake before you head towards the gallery.

Where can you eat in Berlin

With such an abundance of restaurants, café, coffee shops, bars, and street food options available on the market, choosing the best one might look daunting. So, here’s a quick review of the best place you can check out during your weekend in the city.

Currywurst is a must-visit place in Berlin and you cannot come back home without trying its Curry 36. This is the place where you can have the best organic and gluten-free sausages.

Brammibal’s Donuts can be an ideal pick for an exotic brunch and the most delicious, beautiful, and decorated donuts you’ve ever tried. They even make excellent coffee.

The Bird is surely a place to visit if you’re in a mood to grab a tasty burger. Their burgers are made of the quality and fresh ground meat and are perfectly grilled.

When you’re feeling more adventurous, go on a 3.5 hours food tour and discover a vibrant food scene.  

Where to drink in Berlin

Berlin offers you a lot of amazing places where you enjoy the best evening and relax. Check these places out of many options available and see if they can help you in any way.

Tarantino’s Bar can be your place if you’re a die-hard fan of Quentin Tarantino. The place is all covered with his movie posters and the maximum of them are autographed by him.

Department is definitely a place for you if love dancing till its sunrise. A captivating restaurant/club where you can reach the late evening and enjoy yourself at your best.

Monkey Bar is a nice rooftop bar where you can have a view of the zoo, tiergarten and the beautiful Berlin. Take some pictures as a return ticket to the moment you spent there. Keep in mind that the place is a bit expensive, so keep a check on your budget as well.

Germans surely love their beer, and you shouldn’t leave Berlin without going on a Craft and German Beer Tour

Don’t worry, no matter, if it is only 1 day, 2 days, or a week, Berlin will never disappoint you in any way.

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