Wonderful things to do in Cochem, Germany

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Truthfully, I had never heard of this small town before I started planning a German itinerary some years ago. After spending one night here, I liked it so much that I brought Alex and Iris back some years later.

There are plenty of things to do in Cochem for its relatively small size.

Located in the Moselle Valley, Cochem has a colorful old town, a castle on a hill, and some delicious local wine options. If you are willing to move around a little, you can fill at least one day with activities.

If you don’t know if Cochem is worth visiting, keep reading. By the end of this post, I hope I have convinced you to see it!

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Where to stay in Cochem

Staying in Cochem means ending your day with a glass of local wine and starting with a coffee overlooking the castle.

For me, it was like sleeping in a fairytale city. I half-expected elves to appear from behind the flowers in our garden.

If you are considering spending at least one night in Cochem, here are our accommodation recommendations.

Aparthotel Cochem

We stayed here, and I warmly recommend it. The view from our window over the river and the castle was stunning.

We had a parking space included in the price, and a supermarket is next door.

Additionally, the Old Town Center and the castle are within walking distance.

See when they are available here!

Villa Sonnenblick

I loved the apartment as soon as I saw it. It is perfect for an extended stay because you get all the necessary amenities.

Here, you can relax between the vineyards while sipping a glass of local riesling in your garden.

The patio, river views, and seating area are perfect for your zen vacation. 

Book your relaxing stay with them here!

Weinburg -Das Ferienhaus

Hotel Weinburg, Cochem

I saw this new holiday house on our most recent trip to Cochem and decided it would be a perfect accommodation option.

The hotel is right next door to the castle and minutes away from the Old Town. You can literally wake up in the Castle’s garden!

See availability and prices here!

The best things to do in Cochem, Germany

Map of the best things to do in Cochem

Here is a map of what to do in Cochem to make things easier. As you can see, the place is not too large, and all the attractions are relatively close to one another.

That’s why you won’t have to worry about getting around: it is all walkable.

Start your day with a coffee and a walk on the Moselpromenade

Cafe Gaststätte Filou Cochem

On our second trip to Cochem, we parked our car at the Parkplatz Zentrum, minutes away from the main square.

By doing so, we were also on the Moselpromande, where we stopped for a coffee at the Gaststätte Filou Cafe. The coffee was good, and the cafe was the perfect location to admire the colorful buildings and the beautiful promenade.

Refreshed, we decided to go for a short stroll along the river and look at the boats that offer cruises on the Moselle.

Cochem Marktplatz & Old Town Center

Things to do in Cochem, Germany

From the promenade, we headed to the charming Marktplatz, the city’s main square.

In the market, you will find a few pretty cafes, a bistro, a winery, and some small shops.

It is one of the picture spots in town, especially if you arrive in the morning and find the fountain without many people around it.

Cochem Marktplatz

Cochem Imperial Castle (Reichsburg Cochem)

Cochem Castle and town

We continued our walk on the Herrenstrasse, turned right on the Schlosstrasse, and headed to the Cochem Castle.

In my opinion, the castle is one of the most beautiful ones in the area and Germany. To get to the top of the hill, you must walk on a winding road between vineyards. As you arrive at the top, you are rewarded with one of the most stunning views over the city and the Moselle River.

view from Cochem Castle

The largest castle on the Mosel, Reichsburg, is believed to have been built around 1000. It has a tumultuous story, and at the end of the 1600s, the French almost destroyed the castle.

Its current Neo-Gothic architectural style dates from the 19th century, when a rich businessman from Berlin bought the castle and started reconstructing it.

Ingrid at Cochem Castle

Today, you can only see the castle’s rooms and the interior gardens on a guided tour. From our experience, you don’t have to book it in advance, but you might have to wait until the next tour starts.

If you visit during summer, try to make it in the first week of August. That’s when the Castle Festival takes place, and you can see medieval performers, artisans, and various other medieval activities organized.

Extra tip: On my first visit to Cochem, we took the road through the woods that led us to the castle. This other option leaves from Oberer Weg; you can find it on the map as Der Landschaftsgarten mit Serpentinenweg an d. Reichsburg.

See the city from above from one of the many panoramic points

Panoramic view over Cochem

If you love to walk and want to see the village from above, plenty of panoramic points (Aussichtspunkt) are on both sides of the river.

Here are a few worth checking out:

“Am Tummelchen”


Reichsburg Cochem


Moselblick Observation Deck

Aussichtspunkt auf Cochem

Taste and buy some local wine

Cochem wine shop

While Italy and France are renowned for their wine selection, the Mosel and Rhine Valleys in Germany also have a great variety.

Thus, it would be best not to leave Cochem without trying a local Riesling. After all, this grape variety originated in the Rhine region.

On all our visits to Cochem, we went to this little cellar hidden on the streets of the Old Town called Moselweinhaus. They have an excellent local wine selection, and it is located in an actual cellar.

Another option for lunch and wine tasting is the Schlossberg Cellar (Keller).

Gemstone Museum & Historic grinding shops Cochem (Edelsteinmuseum & historische Schleifereien Cochem)

This is a small and fun museum for those who love gemstones. Inside, you can see how gemstones are cut and processed and admire the final product.

Also, you can purchase statues, jewelry, engravings, or other handcrafted items locally made.

Address: Unterbachstraße 5, 56812 Cochem, Germany

Kulturzentrum Kapuzinerkloster

Cochem’s Cultural House is hosted inside a former monastery on a hill above the old town.

They usually host various events, and you can even take part in a guided tour that ends with a wine tasting at the Cultural House. Just ask the Tourism Information Office about it.

If you don’t feel like participating in anything, the building is particularly nice, so it is worth a visit if you like walking.

Address: Klosterberg 5, 56812 Cochem, Germany

Balduinstor and Enderttor

It would be best not to skip taking photos with two of Cochem’s three stone medieval city gates: Balduinstor and Enderttor.

These two have played a defensive role throughout the ages and sat tall to remind the people of Cochem’s past.

While Enderttor is located in the Old Town, Balduinstor has a beautiful background of hills and vineyards.


Balduinstor: 56812 Cochem, Germany

Enderttor: Endertstraße 3, 56812 Cochem, Germany


Hop on the yellow sightseeing train that will take you around the city.

The tour lasts 25 minutes and takes you to the most essential attractions in town while listening to the audio guide recorded in 6 languages.

Starting point: Bernstraße 22, 56812 Cochem, Germany

Check out the official site for prices and other information.

The historic Mustard Mill

A tour of a mustard mill might not be something you thought of doing while in Cochem, but we believe it can be a cool activity.

The mill is over 1000 years old, and you can learn about the mustard manufacturing process. The product is made based on a 200-year-old recipe!

Address: Endertstraße 18, 56812 Cochem, Germany

Panoramic Cruise on the Moselle River

See the wineries and grape vineyards alongside the river on one of the panoramic cruises on the Moselle.

You can relax and admire one of the most beautiful regions in Germany while learning about the city’s history and see the imposing Cochem Castle from another viewpoint.

See more about the cruise here!

Bundesbank Bunker Cochem


Visit the former secret bunker of the Deutsche Bundesbank in Cochem. The building is hidden in a residential area between the Moselle Valley hills, away from the old town.

Germany’s best-kept secret for years can now be visited daily. And you can descend into the deep vault and learn about its past importance.

Learn more about the tour and timetables here!

Bike and boat tour with picnic and wine tasting

Germans love biking and have a perfect infrastructure for this activity. Who wouldn’t love biking between vineyards and colorful historical buildings along the Mosel River?

This tour takes you from Cochem to Beilstein by bike and back by boat. It also includes a delicious picnic lunch on the river’s banks and a wine tasting with three samples of your choosing.

See more about the full-day tour here!

Cochemer Sesselbahn Talstation (Cable Car)

Taking the cable car in Cochem is another excellent way to see the whole valley and admire the village from above.

You can choose between an open chair or a covered cabin, depending on the weather conditions.

The cable car takes you to the Pinner Kreuz, at 255 meters above sea level.

Wild- und Freizeitpark Klotten

The wildlife park is a perfect destination for people traveling to Cochem with children. We went to the village with our daughter when she was under six months old, so she was too small to enjoy the park.

However, we saved it as a mandatory visit for when she is older.

Wild—und Freizeitpark Klotten is situated in the middle of nature and has lots of rides and fun activities for all ages. Kids can also meet many animals and birds, including parrots, mountain goats, alpacas, rabbits, and raccoons.

Address: Wildparkstraße 1, 56818 Klotten, Germany

Other attractions close to Cochem

If you decide to spend a weekend or more in Cochem, here are a few other places you should not miss not far away from the town.

Burg Eltz

Burg Eltz

Burg Eltz is another fairytale castle located not far from Cochem.

Whenever we go to Cochem, we make sure to stop at Burg Elz as well. The two castles are 30 minutes apart by car.

We love Burg Eltz because it resembles a castle torn from a Disney story. But we also enjoy the short and easy walk in the woods from the parking to the castle.

The 12th-century castle is, along with Neuschwanstein Castle, one of the most famous castles in Germany.

Address: 56294 Wierschem, Germany


Trier, Germany

Germany’s oldest Roman town, Trier, is roughly one hour from Cochem.

With plenty of things to do and see in Trier in a day, you should not skip it, especially if you love history.

We visited the city several times and developed a comprehensive guide to help you plan your trip.


Bernkastel Kues from above

Bernkastel, another pretty town set on the winding Mossell River Valley, was our favorite. During our one month in the region, we would visit at least a few times every week.

Drive one hour from Cochem and enjoy lunch with a view over the river at the Schützenhaus. They have parking nearby, but climbing the hill between the vineyards from the city center is nicer.

Alternatively, climb to the top and visit the Burg Landshut. It has a restaurant and cafe inside and the best views in town.

Schloss von der Leyen

Another 12th-century castle worth visiting from Cochem since it is only 35 minutes away.

It was the only moated castle on the Moselle, and it was transformed into a dreamy palace in 1560.

Address: Von-der-Leyen-Platz 5, 56330 Kobern-Gondorf, Germany


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